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Hello everyone! Once again we’re sorry for our hiatus, however it has been for good reason. As mentioned before our Marine Corps approval status as well as 501c3 non-profit status are both on the eve of completion, and we are finally nearing the implementation of our NEW website! LSU will be running a story about our project on their homepage beginning tomorrow so we welcome the traffic as well as the publicity to further help our cause. So check the new site in the next day or so and let us know what you think. As always thanks for your support!


Where we’ve been…

To our loyal blog readers, my sincerest apologies. Since returning home from our trip we’ve been hard at work in designing and preparing to implement the new and improved, as well as working toward achieving Marine Corps approval status, and becoming an official 501c3 non-profit organization. Each of these tasks has taken a great deal of time and commitment and I am proud to report that all the wheels are in motion for the completion of all three within the next few months. So stay tuned everyone and thank you for your continued support!

Week 12: The Marine Corps Marathon

In Week 12 our team traveled to Washington D.C. to film Brad running in the Marine Corps Marathon, however this was no ordinary race. Brad was running with Shannon Mann, wife of fallen hero and Marine, Jason Mann. This was Brad’s very first marathon and to share it with Shannon was all the more special, also running with Brad was his lucky American flag. This flag has been with him to Iraq and back twice and he decided it should accompany him on this journey as well. ¬†When we arrived at the starting line, Samuel and I rolled camera as Brad scoured the tens of thousands of runners looking for Shannon so they could begin their trek together. This was a tense time as runners were being sent out on the course in waves and our wave time had almost arrived. However as luck would have it, amongst the throngs of stretching and shoe tying runners we found Shannon and they began the race side by side. The first 13 miles the two talked like old friends until Brad’s knee started to act up. Digressing for a second, Brad has had a small knee issue due to his extensive training and he was not 100% going into the marathon. Anywho somewhere around mile 14 Brad’s troublesome knee locked up on him and he was forced to walk a majority of the remaining miles of the race. Though his finish time goal was shot, Shannon’s was not, so after much encouragement from Brad she continued alone on the journey they started together. This sort of adversity is nothing new to Shannon and due to her perseverance she was able to beat her goal and set a new personal best. Congrats Shannon, your strength is admirable.


Week 10 & 11: Congressman Bill Cassidy and Senator David Vitter

Hello all! First let me apologize to our regular blog readers for the lack of recent updates. We’ve been doing tons of traveling with the project and we’ve fallen a bit behind with the blog. That being said let me catch you up on our progress…

Week 10 and 11 saw interviews from two very influential and respected politicians in Louisiana, Congressman Bill Cassidy, and Senator David Vitter. Both men were extremely supportive of our project and our troops as a whole. Their interviews went very well and we owe them a debt of gratitude for their participation in our film, as it only legitimizes our project even further and paves the way for further participation from influential political figures. So to these two great men, a resounding THANK YOU, and we hope to see you at race day, preferably with your running shoes on, hey Brad is going to need company on a few of those 100 miles! :-)


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